Monday, March 24, 2008

Altered Cabinet card and Charm

SOLD!! Thanks!
One of a kind, 2x3inch glass charm mounted on an Altered Cabinet card. Add some bling and some dreams to your life.
Wanda did...

Wanda always dreamed of Paris. She would be washing clothes and have that wistful look upon her face, Henry knew what she was thinking. Paris was the place of thier honeymoon. Paris was the place Wanda felt most at home. Paris was where she felt alive. Not that she didn't feel loved, but in her heart she felt alive in Paris. Maybe she was an artist at heart and could not let it show in that dusty Western Town they lived in now? Maybe she was a poet in her soul? Paris made her feel like she'd never felt before. Henry was glad he could give her that.

New for my art work

I'm starting this blog for my Paper Mojo artworks. I'm tired of Etsy, Ebay and everyone else wanting my money even if I never sell a I'm going to list my soldered jewlery here and if you would like one please email me! Thanks for looking!!