Monday, June 2, 2008

Nest spoons

Each spoon's bowl is filled with a hand twisted wire nest with a chache of 'eggs'..each has it's own identy and each has a magnet attached to the back for hanging.

Number one Spoon is SOLD thanks C~

Number 2 has the word HOME in old English type {from an old Hymnal} slightly tarnished and a soft blue seam binding bow.

Number 3 has a soft yellow vintage seam binding bow and the word NEST from an old dictionary in the bowl..approx 5"

Number 4 is an Aspic Spoon. With a soft yellow bow and a line from a vintage Italian book that reads: Adoration is due to God, the king of all the world. this spoon is approx 6" slightly tarnished..

10.$ each, includes shipping. Order by number. Once they are gone they are gone...